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Congratulations to Jiayi who successfully defended his PhD dissertation on oxyfluoride perovskite films!

Jiayi also just had a paper published in Inorganic Chemistry on mixed B-site and anion-site oxyfluorides.


Congratulations to Cosmin Popescu who defended his MS thesis in MSE and to Jared Gdanski who completed his senior thesis in physics. Both Cosmin and Jared will be pursuing PhDs, Cosmin at MIT and Jared at Ohio State. Congrats!


Yizhou’s paper revealing differences in surface and sub-surface metal atoms in MXenes using x-ray absorption spectroscopy has been published in 2D Materials.


Paul’s paper on depth-profiling metal-oxygen hybridization and orbital polarization in oxide superlattices has been published in Advanced Materials.


Congratulations to Ben whose paper on lateral anionic patterning in oxide films has been published in Physical Review Materials and was highlighted as an Editor’s Suggestion.


Jiayi’s paper on the physical properties of manganite oxyfluoride films is now out in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.


Congratulations to Amanda for successfully defending her PhD dissertation. Great job!


Congratulations to Paul and Amanda who both had papers published in Physical Review B.


Congratulations to Zizhao and Yuchen for defending their MS theses. Zizhao will attend Texas A&M University to pursue a PhD; Yuchen will attend Penn State University to pursue a PhD.

05/2018 – Congratulations to Yizhou for successfully defending her M.S. thesis!

03/2018 – Steve gives an invited talk at the American Physical Society March meeting in Los Angeles.

01/2018 – Congratulations to Paul for publishing a detailed study of CaFeO3films in Physical Review Materials, revealing the role of bond disproportionation on the metal-insulator transition.  

11/2017 – We welcome Yishu Zhang to the group as a visiting undergraduate student from ShanghaiTech University in China. She will work on a collaborative project between the May group at Drexel and the Yang group at Shanghai Tech.

09/2017 – Congratulations to Amanda for publishing her work on tuning the metal-insulator transition in Ca1-xSrxMn7O12films in APL Materials.

09/2017 – We welcome Yu Zhou to the group as a visiting Ph.D. student from Shandong University in China. She will spend a year in the group working on MBE-growth and characterization of manganite/ferrite superlattices.

09/2017 – Paul and Jiayi present at the International Workshop for Oxide Electronics in Chicago.

06/2017 – Congratulations to Alex and Amber for defending their PhD dissertations! We wish them all the best as they start the next phase of their careers at Intel (Alex) and Micron (Amber).

06/2016 – Congratulations to Alex for having his work on charge ordering in (LaFeO3)/(SrFeO3) superlattices published in Advanced Electronic Materials. Congratulations to Amber for having her paper on octahedral rotation patterns in strained Pbnm-type films accepted in Physical Review B.

05/2016 – Double congratulations to Amanda for being awarded a Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Fellowship and for being accepted into the National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering this summer at Argonne and Oak Ridge. For the SCGSR, she will work with Michael Fitzsimmons at Oak Ridge using neutrons to investigate magnetism in CaMn7O12-based heterostructures.

01/2016 – Recent work on the static and dynamic optical properties of La1-xSrxFeO3 in collaboration with Prof. Jason Baxter’s group has been published in Chemistry of Materials.

10/15 – We welcome Jiayi Wang, a new PhD student, to the group. Jiayi received his BS in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China.

10/2015 – Steve is the 2015 recipient of the Bradley Stoughton Award from ASM International. The award recognizes a teacher, under the age of 35, for educational contributions in materials science and engineering.

10/2015 – Work on CaMn7O12 by Amanda and collaborators from the Rappe and Taheri groups has been published in Applied Physics Letters.

05/2015 – Congratulations to Mark for successfully defending his PhD thesis on the optical properties of ferrites!

05/2015 – Congratulations to Amanda for passing her candidacy exam and Alex for completing his thesis proposal.

03/2015 – Congratulations to Amber for passing her thesis proposal and publishing her work on EuFeO3 in Crystal Growth and Design.