11/2017 – We welcome Yishu Zhang to the group as a visiting undergraduate student from ShanghaiTech University in China. She will work on a collaborative project between the May group at Drexel and the Yang group at Shanghai Tech.

09/2017 – Congratulations to Amanda for publishing her work on tuning the metal-insulator transition in Ca1-xSrxMn7O12films in APL Materials.

09/2017 – We welcome Yu Zhou to the group as a visiting Ph.D. student from Shandong University in China. She will spend a year in the group working on MBE-growth and characterization of manganite/ferrite superlattices.

09/2017 – Paul and Jiayi present at the International Workshop for Oxide Electronics in Chicago.

06/2017 – Congratulations to Alex and Amber for defending their PhD dissertations! We wish them all the best as they start the next phase of their careers at Intel (Alex) and Micron (Amber).